Williamstown Middle/High School with ducks on the roof!


I am no longer considering whether or not be a candidate for state Representative in 2016. The Northfield and Williamstown school boards have voted to form school district merger study committee, and I will be spending my time working on that endeavor and will not be pursuing the office of state Rep.


Not long ago Governor Shumlin signed into law Act 46 (of 2015). This law mandates school governance consolidation, and it is going to demand a lot of time and effort on the part of local district boards to make this happen in a fashion that protects the interests of students and community members.


Education and the Williamstown School District have for a long time been my priority in community service and politics. Because of this I want to focus on the future for Williamstown and the school district the community has for so many years supported in a myriad of positive ways.


Thank you to all of you who have supported my previous attempt at becoming YOUR representative.

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